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Conversation Map® Programs from
Healthy Interactions


Helping People Achieve Personal Health Engagement®

Conversation Map programs are brought to life in face-to-face, small-group sessions. With the help of a trained facilitator, participants focus on the health information most relevant to them and relate it to their own experiences. At the end of each session, participants create a workable plan for using what they learn to drive meaningful behavior change in their lives.
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Trained Session Facilitators Across the Globe

Conversation Map facilitators coordinate program sessions and help participants to take an active role in the learning process. They ensure that each participant gets the information he or she needs during each session. They then provide the guidance that helps each participant use what he or she has learned to set realistic health goals and create a plan to achieve them.
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Any Topic, Any Audience, Anywhere

Conversation Map programs can be custom-developed to address any health topic, audience and culture around the world. The Conversation Map education tools included in each program are easy for any participant to use, enabling facilitators to adapt programs to almost any age, learning style and literacy level. In addition, the durability and portability of the tools make it possible to coordinate Conversation Map programs in almost any learning environment.
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The Conversation Map Experience
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Conversation Map Learning Methodology
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Helping Manage Chronic Disease
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